2018! Make a head start
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2018! Make a head start
2018! Make a head start
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These carefully selected sermons by Dr DK Olukoya will give you the necessary head start you need for the new year.
Make Your Head Start Now!
The package includes:
  1. The Principles of changing your realm of prayers
  2. The Mysterious Power of Righteousness
  3. My Father Empower Me to Succeed
  4. From Strength to Strength
  5. O God Make me a good Wonder
  6. I am for Signs and Wonders
  7. My Divine Turning Point Shall Manifest

Click links above to see what each sermon is about.


Tapping into The Creative Annointing

Each sermon is Individually priced at £2.99, but sold at a discount price of £14.99 for 7 sermons + 1 Bonus, that's 8 sermons for £14.99

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